1. Deathmaker
  2. Rise of the Phoenix
  3. The Demons Lair
  4. Spirit of Earth


I ride through the rain and thunder
Spreading the evil everywhere
Since the day when I was born I could kill
I bury them six feet under
Enjoy the destruction proudly I make
In the name of god or money who cares

Yeah I put guns in their hands
But the will of firing is inside man

War rides in the sky
Over the battlefield, over the heads of your kind
You surely know
That in the end my three brothers will ride by my side
You have been chosen by your crimes
You are the leaders I need for my plans
Guide all the nations to the final stand

I can build out of your hatred
The highest empire you’ve ever seen
All I ask of you: I order you kill
So don’t expect any future
More virtuous races I’ve destroyed in my way
Other planets, other times, the same end

Yeah I put guns in their hands
But the will of firing is inside man


Rise of the Phoenix

Smiling widows dancing all around my grave
Holding my heart in their hands
Deadly eagles you once just considered
Part of your life and your fate

But now is time to stand
Far from the voices that push you down again
Hate must fill your veins
Preparing your soul
Stand in the hole without shame

Rage from the dust I belong
Fire from ashes again
The Phoenix is rising alone
All by myself


Cradle fellows you have planted in your chest
Growing with masks in their face
Nasty felons who don’t care if you are dead
Spreading their roots through your flesh



The Demons Lair

You are welcome to this nightmare, we dwell since you were lost
We are demons we are angels, don’t mind the name you call
With a little beam of light, we can burn your soul

Bloody skulls and rotten flesh lay here, in this hole of death
Mystic symbols on the walls provide horror to our hands
Screaming voices from the dark, falling in the flames

Fighting won’t save you from hell
Time to flow, through the seeds of your evil
We are visions in your head
From the grave, from your inner essence

As a miracle, came to you
After years we reach our freedom
We are able now to show your face
Coming visible, not a lie
Now the truth is no more hidden
From the first breath it’s been your brain
The demons lair

Spirit of Earth

They don’t know, they don’t care
Existence is an evolution
All the past, their mistakes
Belong to a memory written in vain
Slaves to the graves they are given
Why we must think and start looking back?
Betrayers of what they are breeding
Builders of hell, demons with death in their minds

All my wrath, all my rage
Descended to the lands through the centuries
Don’t know where was my mistake
But I never could put an end to the plague
A thousand of deaths I have sent them
But always survive, seems an immortal race
The victory belongs to the fateless
Die with me now, deep down to hell

I, I am the Spirit of Earth
You don’t hear my cry
Though my tears fall down over your heads
Through the stormy horizon I ride
Since the lands are corrupted by men
‘Cause the end of the world
Lies in their unconscious hands
Save a prayer


Chorus x2