Dawn of Misery (2007)

Segunda maqueta de In Vain. Incluye los temas:
1.- Dawn of Misery
2.- Wild Pirates
3.- Insanity
4.- Jerusalem
5.- Nightmist
6.- Fields of Darkness

Dawn of Misery

Seems you never learn
Why you always try to get it?
Erase your will, surrend your soul
To the tragedy of life

Like the calm that reigns before the storm
All the childhood dreams will turn to nightmares
Stars won’t shine in real world
So you better wake up dead

Did you ever burn in a thousand hells?
That’s what is waiting
The heat inside, while you can’t move
And they steal your will to live

The destroyer seeks for any mind
With illusion in its rotten future
With might and pride he always fights
Any discordant nice day

You, the dreamer can fight
But the end will break
You, the harder you try
The easier you get to the grave

Suffer the morning light, when nothing you had will return
Sunrise destroys the seed of hope you think you own
Day now is darker than nights ever lived
A dream dawn of misery brings



Chorus x2

Wild Pirates

We left behind the safety of our hometown lands
Our galley is freedom, our only way to face the seasons
The smashing fierce of seas drive us through storms of fate
We fight this painful life, to prove ourselves we can pass thousand hells

The nations’ slaving fists strongly hit our way
They call us criminals, malicious thieves and bloody killers
As any rebel will, we’re marked with outlaw brand
Pirates are sinners, and we must die with our ideal

A galleon seeking us appears on the horizon line
Today the booty is get alive to next sunrise
Sables and guns quick to our hands, steel and lead our guides
Can hear the first broadside, roaring in the air

For the gold, for the morning daily awakening of a rose
For the chance to keep our freedom far from those who cut our wings
For the friends on this trail, because every single day,
Wild pirates will be fighting at the sea


Save in our bay, the prize of the day
Echoes of battle have gone
Now a cry for the lost, and rum filling throats
Join us and sing with us all
Strong is our heart, but fear comes at last
Think, is it worth bleeding for?
But the wounds have to heal, and they turn us to steel
We give our lives to be free!


We welcome one more day with fire in our eyes
Never knew treason, from those we give our trust as equals
Leave all your fears behind and scream with your own voice
Let the wind be your guide, soon the sea is all you hear




Listen to mindless people, they think they are wise ‘cause they act in this show
Blind men taking decisions, as sure they are right as it’s proved they are wrong

Hidden the price we are paying for life
Hope is with unbelievers
You know I’m not alone, you’ll kill the unicorn
If you keep on denying

Hear the rising sun, feel the iced fire
Now the rain sings strong, and we all are free
Since the day we’re born that was our desire
Heal this madness with insanity

Don’t try to stop our visions, even in prison we can see the truth
living in contradiction, pretending to cure me when you are the fools

Hidden the price we are paying for life
Hope is with unbelievers
The end is in sight, the dragon will fly
Your time now is over




Feel the sacred thunder, roaring in my brain
Leaving all behind the call, leads to Jesus every man
Never dreamt of killing, for my God I will
The defence of Holy Land
Pope blessed men, Jerusalem!

Just a simple peasant, riding with his lord
I’m supposed to feel like kings, but I only think of home
I’ll destroy what I’ll be told, or they’ll destroy our creed
Got the devil in their minds, why the hell they think like me?

Feel the choice, dancing on my soul
An inner voice is telling me that we’re all wrong
If pain and death, are the holy word, I’m going home

A victim who was blind, leaves the darkness far behind
My salvation is my spirit cannot die
Victory I hold, payment is to walk alone
Now my God has lost a soldier but I’ve won

A hundred years of murders, forever will remain
Many gave their lives for what? Just a stupid empty faith
Blood and war were our gifts, and so they paid our sins
If any day our gods were real, now they’re surely far from here


Chorus x2



Here they are acclaiming to the messiah
God bless us and condemn those we kill
The defence of our creed is the alibi
Even though we create our enemies

Thirty men, at the end of a wedding day
Were all killed to prevent their attack
‘Cause the strongest History writes
But truth’s in the battlefield

Those who lived buried under pure misery
Holding children who just wait to die
They’re the enemies we fear at this time
Evil demons with seals for our destiny

Phantoms rides, through the minds of the visionaries
Which have power for burning us all
We don’t care about innocent lives
While the guilty ones die in the fight

Night falls to hold me
She drinks from my wounds thirsty and sad
Turns into mist my wrath

Bringers of hell!
Tyrants always fall first, and you won’t prevail
But your shame will be there
Killing hearts in your lands, ‘til no one can stand
Because there’s no glory, in the pride you sell
Listen cowards, killers, Nightmist comes for you!

Cleric men, building hells in the memories
Of the ones with no hope for their lives
They are sent just for killing and die
While the masters hide behind their cowardice

Holy words that I read for my own purpose
Are the flames used for burning your soul
While the God who spoke cries for his sons
Immolated in vain they’ll be lost



Fields of Darkness

Time runs low, for my own life
The countdown started when I lost his smile
Always been a fighter, but Death was then strong
I couldn’t win, I was no rival, Her scythe took there my son

Flying before walking I was gifted by my blood
Gave my child the same way of life, the Earth was not enough
One day his bird couldn’t fly, God let him scape, I only cried
But I just heard his tears going down to ground

Nothing is as cold as a mother’s eyes on you,
Telling with no word you are guilty of what she’s lost
Time healed her but when she found again the love to give
I just run away, but now I need you here

Die in the sea of the endless pain, remorse and sorrow
Ride with no wind, through eternal fields of darkness
Give me wings of steel, and the love you put on me, to make my tomb


They came with their medals and a reward for my lost
A new frontier, a hero mision, the outter space’s for you
History will remind your name, death awaits, but you’ll prevail
A yes for a so much easy coward way


Chorus x2