All Hope Is Gone (2021)

Quinto disco de In Vain. Incluye los temas:
1.- Evil’s in my Soul
2.- Falling to the Ground
3.- Last Endeavour
4.- Kings of the Hill
5.- Tell me who I’m Not
6.- Hannibal ad Portas
7.- See You in Hell
8.- All Hope is Gone
9.- It’s Getting Dark
10.- Never Look Back
11.- Metal Chams
12.- Goodbye and Fuck You All

  1. Evil’s in my Soul
  2. Falling to the Ground
  3. Last Endeavour
  4. Kings of the Hill
  5. Tell me who I’m Not
  6. Hannibal ad Portas
  7. See You in Hell
  8. All Hope is Gone
  9. It’s Getting Dark
  10. Never Look Back
  11. Metal Chams
  12. Goodbye and Fuck You All

Evil’s in my Soul

I know that life was never real
Just a bunch of fantasies
Wanna know why you are always hit?

‘Cause you believe in lies
You better know that justice is a joke
Made to control your mind and hopes
Before civilization ruled the world
We all were free to rise

I know you want it all
You’re welcome here

Evil’s in my soul
A fire in the night
I kill the providence and watch the angels die
Bringer of justice
Bringer of light
Evil’s on my soul, I’ve never tried to hide

Let’s talk with every inner voice
You hear when no one is around
Find out there’s not only one choice
Chaos must be found
Break through the lessons you’ve been taught
The strongest one is to prevail
Destroy the ties in which you were caught
And let your spirit fly



Blackness, firesoul, merciless
Blood feast, screams and fearful eyes
The way of violence is where you gonna be
The system fails and you will see



Falling to the Ground

Fire in the sky
Forcing the reactors all the time
Tearing up the clouds
Making the machine guns scream and shout

Thunderous and brave
Thousands feet above we deliver hell
Betting our lives
Playing hard a game you know one day you’ll die

Have you in my sights
Death is just behind
You will run but there’s no place to hide
Can you hear the sound

Of the wind, of the guns, of your aircraft falling to the ground?
With the wings torn apart, realize your time has finally come
Now flames and steel, a fireball falling down
Farewell my friend, I’ll see you soon, no doubt

Back into the base
Landing track is good to see you again
Counting our planes
You try to put a face to every fallen name

Crosses everyday
Soon our names will be finally erased
Nothing left behind
No one cries for us, only shadows lost in time


Chorus x2

Last Endeavour

Crawling nightmares hunt for souls
The evil phantoms came from holy words
Growling sirens, rageous popes
Stuck to pulpits made of blood and stone

Brings salvation, He brings hope
And fierceful fury against the ones who doubt
Holy bible, needs our blood
To write another chapter of this Church

Now we live in chains
Time to force the last endeavour
After all this pain
Slaves stand up and fight
Even if we fail
It is worth facing terror
Better brave and slained
Than alive but dead inside

Whispering voices, mumbling crowd
The warning signs which make the tyrant shout
Terror squads and servants everywhere
With torture try to save or souls from hell

Burning Pyres, sins to atone
The purifying fire brings us hope
Faithful waiting the end that is to come
The final moments when there’s always one who rise and fight!


Now we know, that everytime you kneel you lose a battle
Another link in your chain, another wall in your prison
Many years have had to pass, many bones had to be broken
But here we stand, staring fearless at destruction

Chorus x2

Kings of the Hill

Death and fire, acid rain
You’re the cause but we suffer the pain
Holy money in your name
No matter what, the mob we have to tame

Evil demons of our kind
Now we know who you are
Every liar we can pay
In control media must remain

Kings of the hill
Beware you kings of the hill

In the chaos of the storm
We were left alone
Nothing more than greed and death
With the corpses of the lost
We will climb the wall
Fear the day you see my face again!

Children lost, you don’t care
Can’t you see, that yours are on the way
Kill the truth, fuck the Earth
The stray ones will end their days in jail

All your fortune will be gone
You don’t get that future comes for all
I’m immortal, I am god
Rule empires, rule the world!



Final stand, final chance
Still you ignore the signs of judgement day
Hear the sound from the ground
Fate has come, no reason to be found

Fire purge, blood to pay
All your breed is going to meet their end
What’s this mess? Why we’re here?
Rageous rabble with no mercy for our tears



Tell me who I’m Not

Hannibal ad Portas

See You in Hell

All Hope is Gone

It’s Getting Dark

Never Look Back

Metal Chams

Goodbye and Fuck You All