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Do you want to see some pictures from our last concert?
Here you are! Thanks to TeresaMG and Inma. Thank you for the pictures!



Thank you all for the great friday night with Dünedain. It was an unforgettable concert!!

We hope to see you all again soon! Here you can find two dates to take into account:

- September 25, at Madrid
- October, 30, at Pamplona

More info at concerts.



Want to win a copy of the 'Of Gods And Men' album?
Go quickly to, and you could win one of the 10 copies that they are giving away!



New reviews for 'Of Gods And Men' album (including the first international one). Have you got it yet?

- Darknessguide at Spirit of Metal (17/20) (english!)
- Vic Salda at (6/10)
- Peter FI at TheDrinkTeam (8/10)
- Antonio Refoyo at La Mirada Negra (7/10)
- Sergio Aguilera at Subterráneo Heavy

Besides, GoetiaMetal has published an interview with the band here.

  And last, but not least, here is the banner for our next concert at April, 30th. Do not miss it!  


The Heavy Metal Fire web portal has published an interview with the band. You can read it here (spanish).

By the way, and because of the interest shown, we inform you that the cover from 'Of Gods And Men' was done by Diego Bober.
If you are looking for ilustrations or graphic design for your web, booklet, concert poster... do not hesitate and contact him at his mail.



At last we have a PayPal account!

Now it will be much easier to buy at In Vain's site. Just use the buy button!

You will find it in the right side! ;-)



Hi all!

Let's take a look to some reviews from the new album 'Of Gods And Men' (by now, only in spanish, sorry!):

- David Rodrigo at (8,5/10)
- Enrique Herrero at Rock Total (7,5/10)
- Jordi Zelig Tàrrega at The Metal Circus (8/10)
- Heavy Metal Fire
- Alberto Bernardo at (8/10)

An average of 8 over 10, not bad!



Here is a list of stores where you will find 'Of Gods And Men' album:

- Through this web, writing us. PayPal is coming soon!

- Madrid: Talismán Pub at Argüelles.

- Spain: Santo Grial, Tiendas Tipo, Media Markt, Saturn, Discos Revolver, Fnac, Disclub, Discos Castelló, Alcampo.

- Germany: Hellion Records.

- Japan: Rock Avenue Records.

If you don't find it in any of this places, ask for it!



Happy new year!

Our new web is ready, with our new album style, and new members.

Enjoy it!



Teo, the band drummer, is getting married this month!

For this reason, the live band activity will suffer a small break until 2010, but the other members will make use of this time to compose some songs for the next album. In Vain never stops...


Tomorrow, november 6th from 19:00 to 21:00, In Vain will assist to an interview at Piratas FM, conducted by Paco Segado. You can listen to it at dial 87.5 FM from Madrid or from this link in internet.

If you missed it, you can download it from the radio myspace.

See you in the waves!


Do not miss the new album launch party!

It will be on November, 7th, 2009, at 22:00 at Bar Talismán (C/ Andrés Mellado 33, Madrid, bajos de Argüelles).

We will give albums for free to some of those present!



In Vain's first album is available!
Its name: Of Gods And Men

You can order your copy from this site or buy it at several places, which we will inform about soon.

As it was already told, there are two songs which you can download exclusively from internet and you can find them at downloads or discography. Do not miss them!

And neither you can miss the concert on November, 12, with Steel Horse, where you can listen live the new songs. More info at concerts.

The new web will be ready soon!


In Vain's firat album is round the corner! We expect to have it available in one month.

Finally, it will have eight tracks, and two more will in this website so they can be downloaded.

The album's name: "Of Gods And Men".


Here you can find a live video of one of the album's songs, Rotten Cross:


While we keep working on our first album, the guys from inform us that its new compilation is ready: 'From The Vaults Of Metal4All.Net, Vol. III'.

In it you will find, beside 'Dawn of Misery' which gives name to our second demo, other 23 songs from great bands of the spanish underground.

Do not miss it!

You can download it at rapidshare or megaupload.



Hi again! This is how things are going in In Vain's world:

- In Vain's first album recording is almost finished. It only lacks the vocal parts and the final arrangements, so we expect to have it ready for summer.

- Nevertheless, before the album is ready, we will play live to test our new guitar player on May, 23rd at Sala Superbowl, along with Krakem. You will hear what our new album sounds like!



Hi everybody! Long time no see! The reason of all this silence is that In Vain’s world has been a bit upside down, but stability is here again.

As you know, Alejandro Sastre leaved the band, and then followed David Hurtado, and this made In Vain a one guitar band, which was a difficult situation, and more when the first album recording is ongoing.  
After some search and tests, we can announce a new band member of In Vain, Daniel B. Martín, and with him our power is intact.  

And to proof that the work hasn’t stopped, we have uploaded the lyrics of the last four songs that will appear on our album: Black Sands, Hellhounds, Hero and Rotten Cross.

Moreover, we have uploaded some pictures of our last concert, you can see them here.

And last, here is the link of another review of our demo Dawn of Misery, this time at The Sentinel. Direct link here (spanish).

We stay metal!




Line-up changes!

Alejandro sastre, In Vain's third guitar player, leaves the ship because of professional duties which were not compatible with the band activity. The formation will continue with five members, who will double their efforts for not losing a bit of power in live shows.

Good luck dear friend!

A new concert in the In Vain schedule: it will be at November, 1st, at El Lago in Vallecas (Madrid) with Unscarred Bleeding. All the info in concerts.  


New international review for our second demo! It has been published at The Metal Observer site with a rank of 7.5/10. You can read it here.

Finally, the date for the XI Pop-Rock Contest of Rivas concert is September 4th, 2008. We hope to see you there!



We have uploaded the pictures from our trip to Mallorca.You can see them here.

And by the way we say hello to all the people from there, Lupo, Napo, Pedro, the people from Fulgura, Lucía... you made us feel at home!



In Vain is back from its adventure at Mallorca. We want to say hi from here to all the people from Calviá! We will upload some pictures from the trip soon.

The great reviews for the 'Dawn of Misery' demo doesn't end! The last one is from, you can read it here (spanish). And by the way, what are you waiting for to order your copy?



In Vain finally got qualified for the XI Pop-Rock Contest of Rivas, so in september they will be playing hard again.

In this month 'Heavy Rock' magazine has published a review from our demo 'Dawn of Misery'. In a few days we will post it here, but in the meanwhile, go to your nearest news stand!



In Vain got the third place in the I 'Alternativa' Demos Contest. Congratulations!

New concerts scheduled:
- April, 5: XI Pop-Rock Contest of Rivas qualification.
- May, 16: Rivas Vaciamadrid.
- June, 13: Calviá, Mallorca.

And last, you can read another review of the 'Dawn of Misery' demo at Rocka Rolla in this link (spanish).



In Vain has won a place in the I 'Alternativa' Demos Contest final, and so they will play live at March, 1st at Olula del Río, Almería.
All the details in concerts.



We now at last the day for In Vain's radio interview at MariskalRock, conducted by Óscar Sancho, Lujuria's singer. It will be tomorrow, february 15th, from 19:00 to 20:00 (GMT+1). We now it is a bit premature, but we didn't know it until today. We hope you can listen it! ...and practice your spanish... ;-)



At last we have an international review for the Dawn of Misery demo! You can find it in through this link.



Today In Vain will be interviewd in Sin City radio show, it will be broadcasted by Radio Carcoma. Be ready this afternoon from 18:00 to 20:00 (GMT+1). Do not miss it!

You can read another Dawn of Misery review in Metal Circus. Direct link here.



Happy new year!

In February In Vain will have their first radio interview. It will be at MariskalRock, and will be conducted by Óscar Sancho, singer of the spanish band Lujuria. The new demo 'Dawn of Misery' will be introduced. We will tell you the exact date.

And we have another review for the demo, this time at MetalForever and you can read it here (spanish).



In Vain will play live on december, 15th at Amsala hall in Móstoles. More info in concerts.

And we have updated the band's history with the last events of this year.



We have some photos of the last concerts! They are from the X Pop-Rock Contest of Rivas and from Moralrock'07.

And we have added the lyrics from two new songs that we hope to include in our next album. They are Dancing in the Light and Devil is my Witness.

Have I read album? Yes! It won't be soon, but thanks to you and the 200 and more demos sold we will be able to record in a studio when the moment arrives. Thank you all for your support!



Behold the brand new In Vain's Guest Book! What are you waiting for to leave us a message?

In Vain will play live on october, 19th at the Sala Zombi in Morata de Tajuña, with Mirada de Ángel. More info in concerts.

New review of the 'Dawn of Misery' demo at in this link (spanish).

Happy birthday Llomar!



In Vain has won the special prize at the X Pop-Rock Contest of Rivas. Congratulations!

There are two new reviews of the 'Dawn of Misery' demo. A vere complete one at that you can read here and another at that you will find here (both in spanish).



The first review of the new demo is here. Follow this link to read it in (spanish).

And a new concert!
It's scheduled for September, 29th at the 'Sala Superbowl', with Flying Rock Eaters and Matadero. Free entrance.
We hope to see you there!


Welcome to In Vain's new web!
As you can see, it has been totally redesigned along the new demo colors.
We hope you like it!

We have two great news about the new demo:
- It has achieved the third place in the Popzuelo'07 contest.
- It has been chosen as one of the winners of the Moralrock'07 contest, so In Vain will play live on october 6th at the 'Plaza de Toros de Moralzarzal' supporting Rosendo. You can't miss it!

And last, but not least, the date for the In Vain show at the X Pop-Rock Contest of Rivas will be friday, september 7. All the info in concerts.


The new demo is ready! In Vain - Dawn of Misery
You can see the tracks in discography, and there you will be able to download two of them.

If you want to order a copy just contact us!

And the web will be renewed soon!



Good news! In Vain has qualified for the X Pop-Rock Contest of Rivas. We hope to see all of you there from 6 to 9 of September. We will tell you the exact date soon.

The new demo will be out next week, so new songs will be available to download!



In Vain will play on May 19th to qualify for the X Pop-Rock Contest of Rivas. More info in concerts.
See you there!



The songs for the new demo has been finally mixed! Soon you'll be able to download them here, so don't go far away!

Moreover, there are new In Vain songs composed, 'My little butterfly' and 'Lightning rider'. You can read the lyrics here.



While the songs for the new demo are being finished, In Vain is ready for a new concert on February, 9th at Morata de Tajuña, Madrid.

More info in concerts.



Long time no news! Even so, In Vain haven't stopped a moment, and while they rehearse new songs, the mix of the tracks from the new demo is going to start.

Besides, here you'll find some photos from the trip to France. Here they go!



The pictures from the last concert of In Vain are up! They were sent by Arturo Ledrado, from the ACCR, and they have an exceptional quality! You can find them here.

There will be pictures from the trip to France soon. We're collecting them!

And last, but not least, the second demo of In Vain is almost ready, they have just to record the vocals and mix it. We will enjoy them soon!



The history of the band it's up!
So, if you want to read how was the beginning and evolution of In Vain... click here!



Now we know the date for In Vain's Concert in the IX Pop-Rock Contest of Rivas Vaciamadrid. It will be on September, 2nd, 2006 at 23:00.
They will play just before the guest artist, Centinela. Don't miss the chance to see it!

More info in concerts.



Welcome to In Vain's Official Site, at last, in english!!

Here you will find everything about the band: news, info, songs, photos...
Enjoy your stay!!