After a break for personal reasons, we are back in business!

We run out of all copies we had of our last album. Thank you all very much! If you still want it as a physical album, you have it available at our distributor's shop.

And to celebrate it, we present our new video, 'King In The North'.




New pack on sale including our three albums available at our store!

Get it quick, the copies of our latest album are running low...



Here it is, our second videoclip, from the song 'No Future For The World', which opens our third album. Enjoy it!



We are working to deliver our music beyond our spanish frontiers...
Along with the release of our new videoclip, which we hope to do in a couple of weeks!

Stay tuned for the latest news!

And remember that we like to receive your feedback in our facebook site!



Welcome to our renewed website!

We will update our store soon so you can order our lates album, 'The Little Things That Matter'. Stay tuned!


'The Little Things That Matter' is here!!

Order your copy now!


Our third album is about to see the light!

What is already clear is when will we present it, and it will be on December 5th, at Sala Excalibur, Madrid.

Come with us to begin this new phase!

More information in concerts.



Here it is, 'No Future For The World', a preview song of what you will find in our third studio album, 'The Little Things That Matter', which will be released in November this year.

Enjoy it!!



Long time no news!

We have spent several months preparing what will be our third studio album, and tonight at 0:00 pm... you can listen to a preview!

Stay tuned!!


Great news!

On April 6th we'll be joining forces with Freedom Call and Dragonhammer in Madrid at We Rock venue.
Great gig we hope you all can enjoy!!



Happy new year!

As we continue composing and recording our third album, we will play live at a couple of festivals to keep in touch with you!

- 15.02.2014 - 4 The Metal Fest at Granada
- 22.03.2014 - Hellpress Fest at Madrid

More details at concerts.



'In Death We Trust' for free to all of you!!

The reason?To celebrate our tour final show! Remember that you can thank us in person this Saturday November 16th at Sala Excalibur in Madrid. ;-)

And without further delay, you can download our album following either of these two links:

Google Play Dropbox

Our tour comes to an end!

The last concert of the tour will be in Madrid at Sala Excalibur Metal on November 16, with Night Symphony and Toxic Overload.
There will be some surprises, so... do not miss it!!

You can buy the tickets for just 5€ at Sun Records, Carrefour Viajes (Príncipe de Vergara, 103), Bar Fenrir, Alcalá Comics in Alcalá de Henares and online at store.


While we keep on tour, we have spent some time in the studio to record a new song!

Its name is 'Blood and Tears', and it has been composed for us by our friend and producer Iván Gutiérrez, as a prelude to what will be his solo work, Absens Anima.

Visit our youtube channel tomorrow to enjoy it!


Two new dates for our tour!

At September 7th we will be playing in Madrid with Steelwing, from Sweden, and at October 12th we will be in Pozal de Gallinas (Valladolid) in the Atalaya Rock festival along with Muro.

We hope to see you there!



Yesterday we were at Trovador Urbano radio show.
Here you can download and listen the interview!



Our first videoclip is already here!
The track is 'In Death We Trust', which gives name to our last album.

If you like it, comment it at youtube, facebook, twitter or google+!



As an appetizer before the official launch of our first music video, here you can watch a song recorded live at the Granitrock Festival.
Enjoy it!

More videos at our youtube channel.


On november, 2nd, we will be playing at the anniversary party of Metaltrip. We hope to see you there!

More details at concerts.


After a long search, we have completed the band again thanks to Francisco Quintanilla "Patxi", who has joined us on the keyboards.

With extensive live experience playing with Phoenix Rising (formerly Quinta Enmienda) and with his proven quality, our live future will show a complete sound!


Now we have a twitter account!!

If you are a user of this sotial network, you can follow us on @invainmetal. Our news are waiting for you!


We have been awarded as the winners of the present edition of Granito Rock Festival!!

We will play on July 28th at Collado Villalba (Madrid) along with bands like Axxis or Vita Imana.

All the information can be found at concerts.



We have collected all the reviews of our new album, so if you do not own a copy, you can get an idea of ​​what you're missing!

You can read them all at discography section.



Are you one of those who prefer to buy music in digital format? Well then, it is your lucky day!

Here you will find In Vain's last album, at the main digital stores:


Our first move after this little break:

We have signed with KIVENTS management company, serious and hard working people whith whom we hope to reach a little further!


Our keyboard player Pablo Fernández has left the band for personal reasons, having been part of it since the beggining. We can do nothing but thank all those years of dedication, and we will continue with our friendship, which existed before the formation of the band.

And so In Vain is looking for a new keyboard player, and if you are interested we encourage you to contact us!



Because of several problems In Vain WILL NOT PLAY this Saturday at Móstoles.
We apologize both the other bands and the people who was going to attend.


New concert scheduled:

March 17, 2012, at Móstoles' sala TAF. We will be playing with Morphium, Soma's Cure and Allegro From My Requiem.

Tickets, 6€ in advance and 8€ at the venue.
If you want to acquire tickets in advance, contact us!



The first review of our new album is ready, it comes from Todoheavymetal. You can read it here.

So you still do not have your copy? Order it now!



Welcome to our new web!

As always, here you will find all the information about the band.


In Death We Trust is here!!

Order your copy now!



Remember that you can stay in touch with us at the following social networks:



We have more than 250 fans, what are you waiting for?

In Vain
on Google+


We are using for the first time the new Google Social Platform!!
Add our page to your circles, it is new and is feeling lonely!



Here you will find our music and the dates for our next concerts.


Here is the date for our second album concert presentation: January 7th, 2012.

So, if the world has not come to an end, we hope to see you all at sala Ritmo y Compás at Madrid, where you can watch it live.

More information at concerts, and at facebook, the event site.


Behold the cover of our second album, which we hope that will be ready before the end of this year.

Its name: "In Death We Trust".

It's almost there!


The day has come so you can meet our new bassist!

It will be at October 1st, 20:00, at Sala Ritmo y Compás.

You can find all the details at concerts.


After a long period searching for a bass player, at last we found him!

We present you Mario Arredondo, we hope that you can meet him soon live!



At last we will not be able to play at July 22nd. If you are aware of the band activity, you will know that we have been looking for a bass player for a while, and we have no substitute for this concert.

Our most sincere apologies for our fans and concert organizers!

Do you think that you could play the bass in In Vain? Contact us!


Here you have the banner for our concert on July 22nd at Ritmo y Compás. It will start at 21:30.

There has been a last hour change and finally we will play with Allegro From My Requiem and Atmosphere Grey. Do not miss it!



Here you can find a preview of ournext album: Ghost Galley.
If you missed it, remember that you can still listen to In Death We Trust.
It isnot the final production, the album will sound even better!

Do you know our facebookand myspace? There you can listen these new songs too!

By the way, at July 22nd we will play live in Madrid at Sala Ritmo y Compás, with Allegro From My Requiem, Third Dimension and other band yet to confirm. See you there!



The todoheavymetal website has published an interview with the band at this link where you can read about our most recent whereabouts...

¡¡Don't forget that this sunday we have a concert!! ¡Power A Live Fest!


Great news! In Vain will be the band opening the Power A Live Fest. It will be at May 15, at Sala Rockitchen in Madrid. You cannot miss it!

And our new album is near every day. Here you can find something in advance... In Death We Trust demo! You can listen to it too at facebook or myspace.



Here you can find two interviews so you can know our whereabouts:
- One written interview (in spanish, but you can translate it thanks to internet) at Satan Arise. Direct link here.
- Another one at Heavilution radio show for those of you who prefer to listen. You can download it here or here.

Do you prefer photos? Here you have some of our last concert at Valencia.

  And if you want to see us live, on April 9th we will play at Sala Silikona with In Pena and at June 11th at Sala Excalibur with Overload. See you there!  


This is going to be a happy year! We expect to have our second album ready before 2011 ends. We have almost ready all the new songs!

And take note that the concert from March 26 at Madrid is delayed to April, 9th, and it will be performed at Sala Silikona. All the details at concerts!



New concerts in the schedule, we hope to see you there!
- 27/11/2010 at Morata de Tajuña (Madrid).
- 19/02/2011 at Valencia with In Pena.
- 26/03/2011 at Madrid.

Last reviews of our first album, have you got it already?
- Mario's Metal Mania (88/100)
- The Sentinel (3/5) (spanish)
- Rock Estatal Magazine (75/100) (spanish)



We add one more date to the concerts schedule.

October 22 at Getafe, along with Amaltea, at 13/14 room.

You can find all the information at concerts.



How are you doing with the summer holidays? In Vain has decreased its work rhythm, but never sleeps!

Here you will find some reading material, and if you want some good music, remember that you can download for free our last album!

Some more reviews about it:
- A.R.T. at Metal4All (7/10) (spanish)
- Warrior_Vladito at Heavy Metal Blogzine (7/10) (spanish)

Chronicle about our last concert by La Rockadería at this link.

You can read our last interviews too:
- The Metal Circus
- Transcription from the video-interview from RockTotal



Great news! From now on, you can find in direct download and for free our last album and our old demos at our new store.

Do you want to watch the video-interview from RockTotal webzine? Here you are!

  Older news...